2014-07-31 50 8

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Thu 31 Jul 2014 in 50,8:
50.5878553, 8.7456345

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[edit] Location

In a forest, 2 km far from Giessen and my home.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Rincewind told me that the today's geohash is very close to my home. So I decided to go geohashing after work.

[edit] Expedition

10 min cycling, 15 min walking through the forest and ... I have already reached this geohash point. I took some photos and cycled back. Quickly, easy and unspectacular.

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

Yakamoz earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 8) geohash on 2014-07-31.
Yakamoz has visited an Easy Geohash
by reaching the (50, 8) geohash on 2014-07-31 without really trying.

Yakamoz earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 4 km to and from the (50, 8) geohash on 2014-07-31.