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Mon 21 Jul 2014 in Jacksonville, Florida:
30.3390241, -81.6084762

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The Plan[edit]

Plan? Who needs a plan? I landed at JAX at 4:15pm, fired up Geohash Droid, and realized that the day's hash location was generally nearby that afternoon's destination for me, the Jacksonville Suns game.

The Geohashers[edit]

The Adventure[edit]

The dichotomy of housing as you moved westward from University Blvd was pretty amazing - you hit the end of the road, and BOOM! Mansions! The actual hash location was inside of a fairly imposing gate (open, admittedly) but I wasn't going to press my luck, and took my pictures from the road out in front of the house. Pictures taken, it was off to the baseball game. Another graticule conquered!