2014-07-18 50 20

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Geohash 2014-07-18 50 20.JPG

Fri 18 Jul 2014 in 50,20:
50.1443234, 20.0182895

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[edit] Location

In the fields, so I was pretty sure that it will be unreachable. But it was a hash within a cycling distance on my hashiversary so I decided to try.

[edit] Participants

mkoniecz (talk)

[edit] Plans

Have a nice bicycle trip in area that I never visited, fail to reach geohash due to field.

[edit] Expedition

It turned out that field was geohash friendly, carrots/parsley/similar vegetable was planted in rows with plenty of space to walk without harming crops.

[edit] Achievements

mkoniecz earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 40km to and from the (50, 20) geohash on 2014-07-18.
mkoniecz earned the Hashiversary achievement
by visiting a hash point exactly on the anniversary of his inaugural geohashing expedition.