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Sun 13 Jul 2014 in 48,8:
48.2236532, 8.5907277

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Bösingen municipality, between Herrenzimmern and the Neckar valley, near Castle ruins Herrenzimmern.


Ekorren wants to go there and hopes it won't rain too much.


I made this a very long, and quite mountainous bike trip.

I went by bike to Rottenburg, then took a train into the Black Forest. At the station Loßburg-Rodt I got off. Since it was sunday morning, I thought this would be the one chance to go by bike from Loßburg to Alpirsbach - which is a rather nice valley but lacks any kind of usable bike trail. So there's only the main road, and this is... well, neither suited for bikes. Too many trucks and cars whose drivers dream of the motorway. On a sunday morning, this is different, of course, so taking the main road is absolutely reasonable.

I raced down the Kinzig valley to Alpirsbach, stopped for a short look at the old monastery (apart from that, Alpirsbach is most known for its brewery), then went on through Schiltach and up a side valley to Schramberg. Last time I was at Schramberg, I stayed in the valley. Not this time. A very long climb later I found myself on the higher areas of the mountains, and with some detours (both vertically and horizontally) aimed for Herrenzimmern castle. Which was quite worth a visit, see the long line of photos below.

After the castle visit, I had to climb down into the valley. The trail definitely wasn't suited for bikes, but the detour to avoid it would have been extreme. So I partly pushed, partly carried the bike down and aimed for the hash.

Which wasn't as easy as usual. The GPS reception was very poor, and coordinates danced in large jumps. At some time I was sure the coordinates were on the steep slope. Climbed up, down and sideways but never got a reasonable fix. After some time the GPSr clearly preferred places in the flat parts... so this part of the climbs had been entirely unnecessary. Meh.

Now, back home. More kilometers would be nice, since the Stadtradeln competition I took part in had begun to get quite competitive... and each kilometer I would go would count towards our goal to be one of the top teams mentioned in the newspapers. This, and also the prices of rail tickets, convinced me to ride on, fast and far. When I reached Eyach station, it was about to get dark and I decided to take a train for the last 30 km after having ridden 125 km.