2014-07-03 45 -122

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Thu 3 Jul 2014 in 45,-122:
45.5793936, -122.9033384

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On the side of a road next to a hay field north of Hwy 26 and Hillsboro



Original: Wander by on my way home on Thursday Final: Go by on my way home after Farmer's Market errands on Sunday


Non-expedition one: I was too tired to wander by on my way home, so I put it off until later, which proved to be Saturday.

Expedition two: I figured I would have time on Saturday to try for this one. On my way home from some errands after the Farmer's market, I went by. I expected it to be way into the field, but the vagaries of GPS and rounding errors seemed to push it to the edge of the field. The field had just been harvested, and was dry and basically laying fallow for now.

I got close enough to the point, took some pictures, and headed home. I suspect the glare of the sun rendered at least one of the pictures useless.


One photo still in camera