2014-06-29 45 -122

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Sun 29 Jun 2014 in 45,-122:
45.5809010, -122.3498212

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Just off the sidewalk on "E" Street in Washougal.



Jennifer and I needed someplace to go running on Sunday, and happily the hashpoints provided a locational prompt. The location itself was unusually unremarkable, if you can say such a thing: just off the sidewalk in the side yard of a little house on busy "E" Street, in Washougal. So we went there, and were there, and then moved along to our run, beginning on the Washougal River Trail about a mile to the west. After the run, we continued up the Columbia Gorge past the site of 2014-06-15 45 -122, which gave me a bit of a deja vu feeling, and then crossed the Bridge of the Gods to return to Portland on the Oregon side.



  • Jennifer's first Expedition to the state of Washington