2014-06-29 43 -71

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Sun 29 Jun 2014 in 43,-71:
43.5809010, -71.3498212

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In Lake Winnipesaukee, about 300 m north of Carr Point, NE of Laconia, New Hampshire, USA


  • Mcbaneg (talk) (George)
  • whoever else he can talk into it


We'll probably try to kayak/canoe/sail to the hashpoint sometime in the early afternoon. Suitable boats can be rented at several points around the lake, but this looks like a decent opportunity for a McGyver achievement for anyone who would like to knock together an impromptu watercraft.


Well, this was a fail. Couldn't find anyone else interested, and it didn't seem sensible to borrow or rent a boat and drive 40 miles roundtrip for a solo expedition. Will try again...