2014-06-15 45 -122

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Sun 15 Jun 2014 in 45,-122:
45.8659918, -122.8243489

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On a hillside just to the north of St. Helens, Oregon.



Michael5000 and Frogman drove north from Portland through alternating downpour and drizzle, but things cleared up around Scappoose and superfluous ice cream products were purchased from a drive-through restaurant. Continuing to St. Helens, we did a drive-by of the site on Germantown Road, resolving the only significant challenge of the expedition: parking. After that, it was a pleasant if slightly damp stroll up a hillside. The hashpoint was perhaps 100 meters in, just where meadow met the edge of the forest. We took pictures and generally felt victorious.



This expedition takes care of the southeastern quarter of Columbia County on Michael5000's "stained glass" county-and-graticule map.