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Sat 14 Jun 2014 in 49,8:
49.1130550, 8.4350396

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Next to the Wiederaufbereitungsanlage Karlsruhe in the forest.


DODO (talk)


I want to go there by bike. I think, I can start at 2 so I hope to arrive 2 hours later at best meeting-time. Any Karlsruher hasher for a meetup?


There was Kult(o)urnacht in Speyer yesterday and as I had to go to the market and to clean the stairs today, I couldn't start before 2 o'clock. I already knew the way to Graben-Neudorf from 2014-03-29, and so there was no big surprise on my way to the hash (except a stork maybe).

The hash was next to the former Wiederaufbereitungsanlage (nuclear reprocessing plant) Karlsruhe in the forest, just 100 m away from a path. On the place where I left my bike I found some (well, two) wild strawberries. I had to do a lot of hashdancing as the precission was pretty low in the forrest, but I did it down to a zero (although I din't get it on the photo). I had some fruits and some water at the hashpoint, but that doesn't qualify for a picnic, does it?

I've planned to try a tron achievement by going on to the ferry at Leimersheim and ride back to Speyer on the left side of the river rhine, but it was already a quarter past 4 when I left the hash and I wanted to be at home at 6 pm, because I bought some roast pork that needs two and a half hours in the oven. So I returned to Graben-Neudorf, but when I arrived at the station, the train had just gone. So I rided on to Germersheim and there I had more luck: a train started five minutes after I arrived at 17:49. So I reached home 5 minutes after six.

By the way, the roast pork was delicious :-)





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