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Mon 9 Jun 2014 in 48,8:
48.2230417, 8.2464164

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In Hornberg, a little city, dejá-vu?




Making a nice marker, grab the bicycle even though it's late and a horrible far way to get back!


There was no expedition! :(

I've seen the Hash and thought: "Yes!! First possible dejà-vu, because I came through there already on another geohash.

But! I was really really sleepy, because I just came home from a festival after I drove almost seven hours and just slept a few hours the days before (Rock am Ring).

Still I wanted to Hash.

But! My family where not at home and I left my GPS-device in Karlsruhe, so I had no GPS. Neither did I had my smartphone, because I left it in Karlsruhe too (I use an old bone as cellphone on festivals, you know...). But I did not want to give up! So I pm'd a geocacher from our village I know. He would have helped me, but he is in czechia with his family.

Ok, then I'll make one without GPS, it is an easy to proof location, I just need a good photo of the location.

But! For a photo of the location, I need a camera!! Damn, where in our **** *** *** house do we have a camera? Even our friendly neighbours which I could have asked, where on vacation! Ok, f*** it. I will not go to the Hash!

But! Did I mention, before I encountered all this problems, I made a beautiful hashmarker. I burned with my fathers electric soldering bolt the letters into a old timber shingle (as seen below). My first hashmarker ever...



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by chickening out on the (48, 8) geohash on 2014-06-09 because he was tired and out of technology.