2014-06-08 62 27

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Sun 8 Jun 2014 in 62,27:
62.8509933, 27.4917226

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In the thick spruce forest, near the village of Haminalahti. About 20 km from the centrum of Kuopio



It was sunny Sunday evening. We were driving home from my relatives, and decided to visit the meetup point which was near our route.


We were driving from Karttula toward the city of Kuopio. We turned to the road 5550 leading into the village of Haminalahti. We passed the village and turned left to the sand road named Jalkalantie. The road went through the forest and also passed some nice farmhouses.

After about 2 km road was paved with very rough gravel. Fortunately we were quite near to the point. We left the car and walked 30 m from the road through the very thick spruce forest. The meetup point was there on a little nice clearing. We liked it was very easy to get to that hashpoint.

It was not so easy to started driving home. The car was on the bumpy ground of the roadside, and it needed some hard pushing before we got it to the road.



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