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Fri 6 Jun 2014 in Chemnitz:
50.8833173, 12.5597951

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Today's location is in a meadow (or grass field) at Oberwiera-Wickersdorf.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Zwickau; municipality: Oberwiera

Weather: sunny, hot



To visit this hashpoint, I chose another route than usual to get from Dresden to Würzburg, via Jena and Erfurt, which is only a little bit longer than via Hof and Bamberg. Near Chemnitz I stayed on the Autobahn A4, which I left at the Hohenstein-Ernstthal exit, then it was just a short drive to Waldenburg. After Waldenburg the next village was Wickersdorf with the hashpoint. I turned into the only large street and parked the car near the hashpoint, the trees from the satellite image were easily recognizable. When I stood there I saw the hashpoint was in some kind of field with only one kind of plant, but I couldn't tell which plant. It looked like some kind of cereal at first glance, but with only few and small grains, more like a large grass. I walked some meters along this "meadow" when I was passed by a man. He looked at me suspiciously, probably because he knows everybody in that tiny village and recognized my license plate as being from far away. I continued walking, turning back every now and then to watch him, while he did the same. I don't think that helped his distrust. When he was around the next corner, I walked back and entered the field near the trees because in that place it had been mown so I could walk to the trees without any problems. Then I walked across the last meters of grass to the hashpoint. I took some pictures and went back to the car, eating the ice cream I had brought to celebrate with.

Now the plan was to get back to the Autobahn at the next exit, to continue towards Jena. I knew that from Waldenburg a road would lead to the Glauchau-Ost exit, but there was one problem: My map printout was from the zoom level where no details of Waldenburg are discernible so I didn't know when to turn, I only knew I had to turn right/ south-west at Waldenburg. Correct answer: turn LEFT/north right before Waldenburg to get on the road that instantly turns south and leads to the B175 federal road. But that part of the B180 federal road is very recent and both my GPS map and my navigation system's map are very outdated. There is also the possibility to turn directly onto the B175 at the town center of Waldenburg, but that road was blocked. I didn't want to drive back to the Hohenstein-Ernstthal exit so I tried to drive around the road block by using side streets, but they soon turned in other directions and led me back to Waldenburg. During that frustrating journey along tiny side streets I crossed under the B180 part that I didn't know existed. I realized that this would lead me in the correct direction but I couldn't get from the small street onto that road. The field track that I tried soon ended and I had to turn back. After some more driving around partly disoriented I came back to the federal road I had been on before, right where the new road started. Now that I knew that although that road starts towards the north, it finally leads south I used it and I could easily drive towards Glauchau. I was very relieved, though frustrated by all those useless detours. But then I was back on the A4 and continued towards the 50 11 hashpoint, which would make up for the shortcomings of this one.


triton tracklog for both hashpoints