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Wed 4 Jun 2014 in 50,8:
50.1830119, 8.4067033

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In the woods behind Ruppertshain and "around the corner" from several hashers (although that exact phrase wasn't liked in IRC for some reason).



We only just realized during the day that the coords aren't far away at all and started rushed conversations when and how we could still go despite our evening appointments. A plan was made to start shortly after 9 pm with a little daylight left.


It started to rain badly around 6pm so we nearly abandoned our plans. Fortunately it stopped again around 7pm so the woods would "only" be very wet and the ground would be soggy - nothing we can't handle.

We found a parking spot right next to the Bundesstraße and donned our hiking boots. There was a track leading up to the hash so we took it. Due to the rain earlier, there was not only little light left but also a thick fog in the air so we couldn't see more than a few meters. Very interesting mood, good thing we don't get scared easily.

When we had to turn left, thick bushes blocked out path. We decided to try to go around them which was a good move. Found a meadow we could use as a shortcut (and get veeery wet in the process) and found the hash easily in some relatively open forest.

On the way back we finally had to bring out our torches and had to be careful not to step on the many toads that has come to life.


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