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Sat 31 May 2014 in 47,8:
47.9179713, 8.3020586

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Really deep in the forrest, even for a native like I am. No good way to get there. It will be fun!


RecentlyChanged and as much friends he possibly can convince!


I'll go there, no matter what! Probably tonight, with friends, or tomorrow with father on bike!


As I already said in the reportof my previous geohash: I've should be at home learning. But my plans were 'going there, no matter what' and there's a page history I can't delete... I did not make it at night, because my friends preferred to chase little LoL-Champions over there screen, instead of having a really great adventure. So the next day I asked my parents to go there with me, one point I mentioned more then once was: 'It is no big deal, just an hour or two and we will be back'. I was wrong! I was so damn wrong! Me and my father planned a few different scenarios to get there, but in the end we said we will drive as far as possible and will make the rest by feet.

We driving part went as planned...

Then we walked. We like long walks usually (not that we've brought a tent, but long), but my mom was quickly exhausted after a really long day of work the day before, plus 'girl problems'. She got silent after approximately two kilometers and she remained silent for about the next five even though the weather was really perfect.

The weather was perfect, sun, but not to hot, a little windy but not to strong, perfect weather for a long walk in the forest. The forest itself was magnificient itself, it was a forest out of a 100 different little forests. There was one, light and with big trees, one just for really small mammals, one full of moss and the next one looked like he's mostly dead. We even found a nice little shack on our way, where we enjoyed the nature. We even listened to the little sound of wasps scrapping of tiny little pieces of wood for their houses. I love that sound since I've slept a full summer out in a little cottage (mostly because I wanted to read without my parents knowing it, I read a lot).

After a whole long walk, my mum almost turned around. She really did not want to go any further, but we convinced her (poorly) that we will be faster at the way back. BUT, now we where at the end of the road, at the beginning of the real adventure! The darkest (passable) piece of forest we've seen so far! Somewhere in there the hash waited for us. We had some fun in that part of the forest, though it was creepy at the same time. There where enourmous anthills and even some trapstyled holes! The forest itself was surely not visited since years, or the trees would have fallen earlier: my tree-shoving dad I got some pictures of the surrounding of the hash, then we made our way on, so we will be home soon. After 10 minutes we were back out of the wood (no good sign for the length of the way, but I did not tell mum).

We went back north on the first way we crossed. There we saw a fence blocking our way. Damn! We were tuned what will block our way. But the closer we came the clearer were, we are in the restricted area! F**k! But we really did not know! They had no sign the way we came (I don't get why there where no sign!), so it wasn't that bad we hoped.

The way back was like the way there, just it was really far! I was exhausted too after half of the way, only my father who had time for sports the last weeks was in good shape. So me and my mum started (more or less seriously, more more) discussing, until I realized it was like changing the roles from a decade ago. She asked me how far it is and why we did go there in the first place and I kept telling her we will be back soon (halfway done!). That was almost exactly the same they told me when I was a little child, complaining about the long way we had. So I had fun in the end, even when it was really exhausting!

After that we just drove home as fast as possible, because really noone of us was motivated or had the time for something else.

Luckily just arrived at home, friends of my parents where at the door, so the mood was heightened extremely!

My mum still punished me! I have not to come home before 3am or she would not let me in! That was because I complained about being tired in front of a friend of mine, which has come to get me for a party. That was a really confusing punishment, though I got along with it quite well.





RecentlyChanged and his parents earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, 8) geohash on 2014-05-31.
RecentlyChanged earned the reverse-punishement achievement
by hashing with parents (47, 8) geohash on 2014-05-31.