2014-05-08 45 -122

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Thu 8 May 2014 in 45,-122:
45.5750941, -122.6909503

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In a backyard between Boston and Omaha Avenues in North Portland.



With a day off of work and many errands to run, it was pretty easy to justify a loop up into North Portland. The hashpoint was in a backyard, but accessible to within about 10 feet by an alley. Invoking my house rule -- if it's on an in-town residential lot, you can see it, and you are as close as you can get without trespassing, it's a win -- it was an easy expedition indeed.

This hashpoint is only a few houses down from the home of my buddy MDIC, whom I am passive-aggressively trying to wheedle into taking the short walk after work and sending me a picture to prove it. We'll see how that turns out.


Jim went by, but only on the front side, and gave up when it really seemed to be on private property.



  • No Trespassing?
  • Land Geohash?