2014-05-04 66 25

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Hash04052014 3.jpg

Sun 4 May 2014 in 66,25:
66.5653046, 25.9848886

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In Olkkalampi, in a forest.



  • Driving total 34 km
  • Walking total 0.6 km
  • Expedition took 1 h
  • Physical effort (1-5): 1

Expedition started about at 5:30 p.m. The hashpoint situated again near the forest road, I had to walked about 300 m to the hash. Nothing special happened, the forest was quiet.



isopekka earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (66, 25) geohash on 2014-05-04.

Geohashing Expeditions and Plans on This Day[edit]

Expeditions and Plans

Seoul (West), South Korea Quaternary KEB Plaza, Seoul, South Korea
Portland, Oregon Jim Ag land north of Hillsboro
Halle (Saale), Germany TFTD Hash is on a field near Teicha and close to the Autobahn A14.
Kassel, Germany GeorgDerReisende The hash lies in the Rieswartenweg in Göttingen.
Uppsala, Sweden gohan North of Stockholm
Rovaniemi, Finland isopekka In Olkkalampi, in a forest.

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