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2014-05-03 47 5 k.png

Sat 3 May 2014 in 47,5:
47.9335309, 5.3084585

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The ruins of a WW1 fortress overlooking the Marne river near the intersection with the A31 highway


JwB (talk)


Return back home from our vacation. Leave the highway to get breakfast croissants and bread neart an easily reachable hash. Then drive over there, collect proof, eat breakfast, run around with the kids, pee, and continue driving home.


Leaving the highway, finding a baker, and getting to the hill with the fortress was all smooth. Walking up to the main building was smooth as well. 300 meters to go...

First try the straight way, around the east side. Fences and signs prohibiting entrance, but I could walk around these and stay on the allowed area. Walked around an abandoned caravan and some firewood, up to ~110 meters, when a steep trench went down (8 meters, but slippery from the rain, and straight walls with lots of overgrowth that is creeping in every crack between the stones.

Walked back, and saw a path going around the fortress by the west side, perhaps that would allow passage to the other side of the trench. The path wound round the fortress, and bridges from logs that were half rotten away allowed passage over the deepest trenches. There was a small chapel, half overgrown, and there were shelters for the men and the ammunition. Path continued, and got more densely overgrown. Went up to 29 meters, and again a trench, this time steeper and more trees and obstacles. Remembered that wife+kids were still in the car, and that we had some 600 kms to travel back home. No real walking shoes, or proper gear, and if I fell into the trench, the home journey would be even more delayed.

So called it quits there. But the hill is nice, and great for a hike.



JwB earned the Cliffs of Despair consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (47, 5) geohash on 2014-05-03 by trenches, straight down and slippery.
2014-05-03 47 5 k.png