2014-04-06 41 -86

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Sun 6 Apr 2014 in 41,-86:
41.6933582, -86.7582087

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On the side of a road off of US 20.




I honestly didn't have any plans to get this hash.


Here is the story:

I was trying to get onto the Indiana Toll Road but none of the cars would give me room to let me in. So I was stuck to continue on the road I was on. The GPS in my car found another route that was similar in time so I thought, "Oh well, might as well go on!" I got partially home from there and figured I might as well look and see where the hash was, just in case and I kid you not, it was just down the road from me! I found the road, pulled off and got it!

Spontaneous Geohash!!



Buttercup earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (41, -86) geohash on 2014-04-06.
2014-04-06 picture.jpg