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Mon 24 Mar 2014 in 52,4:
52.2015917, 4.9426698

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a field in Nieuwer ter Aar


JwB (talk)


careful planning. this one is not too far (15 km) from my house, it is a beautiful day in spring, I use to bike in those surroundings a lot, so I could bike up there, make sure that I do not cross my own tracks (must be do-able), and bring some left over leek-fritters to enjoy in the sun, and afterwards decorate the bottom of this page with loads of ribbons celebrating success after success.


Great wheather, ideal for a bike ride. Meadows with young lambs chasing their mothers. Loads of birds, everything bursting in light green and daffodils lining the roads. Progress slightly slower then when I normally bike around, because to earn a Tron-ribbon i should ride up there carefully, but that can be done. Park at the little dam that gives access to the meadow only to find out that this farmland is taken out of production, and is in fact turned into a bird estuary. And it is nesting time for those feathered friends. On the one hand this is of course great, however it also marks the fact that it is cheaper to grow GMO-soybeans on artificial fertilizer to raise huge amounts of beef somewhere else on the planet that to run a farm here in the middle of the Netherlands. But today the sun shines, and the birds certainly enjoyed their refuge. Spotted many kinds, including lots of birds of prey, so the system to make a small refuge does work. The GPS indicated still 370 m to go, so a failure is marked. This is what you get for preparation, no ribbons to flourish the pages' bottom. Didn't care for the tron either, as the way i rode up there is nicer than the alternative route.

Good parts: -nice and sunny spring day, nice views -my knee recovered well enough to bike 35 - 40 km at decent speed without me feeling to much of it

lesser parts: -not really worth mentioning



JwB earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (370 m) reaching the (52, 4) geohash on 2014-03-24.
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