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Fri 14 Mar 2014 in 51,12:
51.2742678, 12.1086302

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It is on a field south of Ragwitz.



If the weather stays as it was the last days I plan for a bike ride from the western part of Halle to the place and back.


I started my expedition around noon in pure sunshine and was making good progress. I came by the local power station and took a picture. I once was actually inside that thing.

Once in Merseburg I had to slow down a little to not lose my way. I finally reached Bad Dürrenberg and by accident came by the graduation tower, which I never knew was there. Since I wanted to reach the hash I didn't spend too much time, just took some pictures and moved on.

Shortly before I reached the hash I lost my way a little bit and decided to ask my GPS where I was. Unfortunately I realized that my phone was powered off. That is a bad sign, because that normally means the battery decided to fail.

I tried to turn it back on and once it was up I started my GPS and in that moment the phone failed again. I was a little pissed but decided to at least visit the hash anyway. Using my orientation skills I at least found the field and had to realize that the farmer possessing that field was actually working on it. So I stood there for a while deciding what to do and finally the farmer left.

I tried to power my phone again and my surprise it booted all the way and I could start the GPS. I turned off the screen to save battery and run to the place where I suspected the coordinates. Got my camera ready, turned on my phone, waited for a GPS connection and took a picture. For that the coordinates fit pretty good I think.

It was about 2:30pm by then and I was hungry so I ate something at a bus station close by. On my way back I decided to follow the Saale River Bike Trail. I came by an funny sign saying welcome to the garden and industry city of Leune which I thought is funny. The area is full with big chemistry factories so I think the sign is quite ironic. Paint it green. :) Also most of my path was parallel to one of the longest tram lines in the world, I think it takes about 2 hours to get from one and to the other when taking it.

Than I decided to visit some friends, so I didn't come back home till 10:30pm and had a total roundtrip of about 75 to 80km. Fun and nice day, and mission accomplished.




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