2014-03-08 54 -2

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Sat 8 Mar 2014 in 54,-2:
54.0468698, -2.8495280

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In a field, near the Golden Ball at Snatchem


Angel. One of my flatmates also setout with me, but turned back feeling ill.


Walk to the Golden Ball, have a pint, and then continue some time around 4 to see if the hash is reachable, and if anyone else is there.


Pretty much as planned. It turned out the footpath didn't go across the field like I thought (the footpath was across the next field, and was blocked). But it was possible to get into the field through a gate on the far side. I'm not sure if this should have been a "no trespassing", but as the gate wasn't locked and there were enough footprints to suggest that at least a few people walk their dogs across the field, I assume it's effectively public.




Angel earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (54, -2) geohash on 2014-03-08.
2014-03-08 54 -2 16-04-29-799.jpg