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2014-03-02 34 -118-marker.png
2014-03-02 34 -118 11-50-02-875.jpg

Sun 2 Mar 2014 in 34,-118:
34.8432415, -118.4196304

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Desert land in the alluvial plains west of Rosamond. Los Angeles graticule, Kern County.



Weather permitting, I expect to arrive sometime between 9:00am and 11:00am to give the puppies a chance to stretch their legs. Bravissimo594 (talk) 11:50, 28 February 2014 (EST)


Bravissimo594 (talk)[edit]

I left the rain-soaked Los Angeles area at about 8:00am and made it as far as Lancaster by 9:30. The puppies and I stopped to fuel up and then headed out to look for local fauna on the way to the meetup. We found one hopper to play with in the 40 minutes of early hiking and then packed up to see if we could make the meetup. Muddy roads from the biggest rains in a few years gave the four-wheel drive a chance to get fluid flowing again in all of the differentials. Anyone who looks on a map will be misled by the names of streets in the Mojave Desert. If you only look at the Google Map for the neighborhood, you might think that "Avenue A and 160th St West" would be a significant intersection, ready for easy travel. But a glance at the Street View from Avenue A shows the nature of the intersection. (Now imagine that dirt road with a couple of days' worth of rain on it.)

On 160th Street West, I could drive to a point due east of the hash point. I then let the dogs out and hiked about 500 meters from the road to the point. I placed a marker there, took some photos, and then headed back to the truck. I was able to avoid the deepest mud by heading north and east and back to pavement at 150th and Rosamond Boulevard. From there, I continued north to Tehachapi to visit a recovering friend. After a few hours in Tehachapi, the puppies and I got back home just after 6:00pm.



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