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Sat 1 Mar 2014 in 52,5:
52.2267331, 5.8631407

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in the woods near Apeldoorn


JwB (talk)


just felt like going.


drove up to the Veluwe, and found the entrance to the woods. A sign telling that the former shooting and practice range for the army was now being cleared out, and that entrance was only allowed on roads, and that one ought to keep clear from the working area.

Luckily, the path to the hash was not marked with signs or lines, and i continued. Then there was a fence, and at the gate a sign said that the fence was enclosing the royal huntinggrounds (palace het Loo). Entrance was allowed on a except for a few restrictions. None of these applied, so i continued, on path. Approx 50 m from the target it was perhaps a matter of debate whether the path continued, or that i had to leave track to get closer to the hash.

So i did, but my tablet had trouble getting reads below 10 m, however as accuracy was not that good, a bit of wandering around (closed i got when looking was ~6 m) i decided that it had been enough. Then took a grin-shot, and decided to head back. Saw a big boar that was first was startled motionless, and then made a run into the woods. Well, he was not shot this season by our triggerhappy royals. Wish him luck for the next winter.

return with no hassle. put an xkcd marker on the gate.