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Sun 23 Feb 2014 in 50,13:
50.5180912, 13.5579196

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In forrest near active mine near Třebušice, Most. Luckily, Google Street View (r) didn't show "no entry" signs on one of the roads.




Ravise is going by bike, ETA about 15:00 local time. Won't probably wait for much long.


Weather is great. Clear sky, no snow, bit cold, but not cold enough :)

Not much to talk about. Cycled there, got as close as possible without breaking laws and cycled back.

There was one road with allowed access, so I took that one, and few seconds later, when I found what the "road" looks like, I was about "Am I supposed to cycle on this through this? Am I so crazy?" Hell yeah I am!

The silence was terrible. No sounds except those I made. Scary. There are living and succesfully surviving deers right next to the mine! Wierd. I wasn't able to take a photo, because they ran away, but they are there. The forrest is protected? Strange. For all those reasons the nature near the mine is somewhat - beautiful. Only if it was cleaner. Tires are sort of things one cannot tidy easily.

There was "no-entry" sign on the road, and the forrest was too dense to pass through. So it's fail, on the other hand - it's expedition at least!