2014-02-23 45 -122

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Sun 23 Feb 2014 in 45,-122:
45.5180912, -122.5579196

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In the parking lot of a US Bank on SE 103rd and Washington in Portland



  • TachiTaylor and zhukant plan to bike there from home.
  • Michael5000 is planning on making this an all-running expedition, probably reaching the hashpoint within 20 minutes either side of 12:15.
  • Mrs.5000 is considering making a separate expedition as part of her errands.
  • Jim will wander by after work in the afternoon.


Expedition 5000[edit]

Michael5000 ran from home to the hashpoint, as planned, and arrived more or less directly at 12:15. As I was trying to scratch "2014-02-23 45 -122" in the barkdust, who should happen along but Benture and Leah. Although I knew this was a strong possibility, it was still awfully cool: four and a half years after I started geohashing, I met someone else at the hashpoint.

Then, a friend of Benture's pulled over, having seen us in the parking lot, and was surprised to learn that he was geohashing too.

Eventually, we ran out of ways to say "Wow! Here we are, geohashing! It is remarkable!" and so we headed our separate ways. For me, it was an all-running trip, with a total distance of 8.3 miles, the longest of the three all-running expeditions to date.

Expedition #2[edit]

TachiTaylor and zhukant rode our bikes through Mt. Tabor to the hashpoint. It was our first bicycle outing this year! We found the 5000s' marker and chalked in our own, took photos and then went to eat at Panda Express. This is the first hash either of us has encountered with previous markings. Very cool! Hopefully we can all synchronize our hashing in future so we can all meet up at once rather than having 4 different expeditions!

Deja Vu Moment[edit]

After the Panda Express, we went to a nearby Starbucks (pictured below), which was directly on the opposite side of the fancy BofA from the hashpoint. We realized that spent a couple hours at this exact spot six months ago saying good-bye before we parted ways for about a month. It's not quite a deja vu achievement, but we were still excited for the coincidence.

Expedition 5000a[edit]

Mrs.5000 returned from an excursion in the late afternoon and reported that she had been to the hashpoint and had seen the markings from the previous expeditions.

Expedition #3[edit]

Jim was working out in Beaverton in the afternoon, and then had to go visit an overheating server room in Portland, so he figured he'd head to the hashpoint. The plan was to go to work first, but he couldn't figure out how to get from Hwy 84 to work, so he went to the hashpoint first.

He found some markings on the pavement and took some photos, but didn't see anyone else there.

Expedition #4[edit]

Benture's experience is pretty well outlined under Expedition 5000.



Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 issued a challenge for the Tale of Two Hashes achievement
by geohashing in a place named Portland, Maine from the (43, -70) geohash on 2013-09-04.
Michael5000 earned the Tale of Two Hashes achievement
by meeting the challenge by Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 to geohash in Portland, Oregon going to the (45, -122) geohash on 2014-02-23.
TachiTaylor and zhukant earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 4.7 mi to and from the (45, -122) geohash on 2014-02-23.
2014-02-23 45 -122 D.jpeg
TachiTaylor, zhukant, the M5K's, Jim and Benture earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (45, -122) geohash on 2014-02-23.