2014-02-21 47 -122

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Fri 21 Feb 2014 in Seattle:
47.6071761, -122.3284704

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Looks to be on a road or alley behind the Polyclinic in Seattle, just east of the Freeway.



Thom: Stop by on the way to the airport, roughly 11 am, then fly to Deutschland!

Jack: I gotta get this one too... will be in the evening definitely, I think either around 7:30 or perhaps even closer to a midnight hash. Open to other times if other people post.



No problems driving, but got a late start. First use of geohash android on the new phone, so had to login. Didn't get a great signal due to a moving truck. Took pictures but could not upload - 8M top big? Will investigate (and upload) once in Frankfurt. The Delta safety video is worth a chuckle.

Pictures below. Slightly longer version - after chalking the wall and waving to the movers (drop the couch right there boys, and let me take a seat) I headed back to the car through a light rain. As I tried a few times to get the pictures to upload, the rain turned to hail, so I snapped one more photo and left. Turns out my plane left at 1:20 not 1:50, so after racing through security I made it to the gate with just a minute or so to spare. Whew!

I haven't researched why geohashdroid wouldn't allow picture upload yet. Pending after other tasks, such as determining a Sunday meetup location. --Thomcat (talk) 15:20, 22 February 2014 (EST)


Between a late day at the office, drinks with friends after work and then food and company beckoning at home, I didn't end up starting towards the hash until around 10:30pm. Ride down was straightforward via Dexter/7th Ave to downtown, and then 8th Ave under the convention center and up First Hill... and the weather was much clearer than what Thomcat encountered. I even remembered to bring my real gps this time, thinking the tall buildings on either side of the little alley would give the android's gps a lot of trouble.

Unfortunately they were also a pain for the real gps... it took about 5 minutes to lock on, and then insisted the hash was well inside the locked and surveilled building to the east, even though its circle of error was nominally only 5 meters or so. Never showed a number closer than 11 meters. But then it started drifting a ton, and eventually just said "signal not good enough" or something. So I'll count this as reached given that I was in the spot depicted on the satellite picture.

It was a cool spot though - big view of the freeway and the downtown Seattle skyscrapers, as well as more humble First Hill buildings in the other direction, including a very artistic parking garage (if that's what it was?) for the Polyclinic across the street. I did not notice Thom's marker though... either it had been removed, it was too dark, or I just wasn't paying attention.

Ride home was also uneventful. Nice little late-night workout.



OtherJack earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling about 10 km each way to the (47, -122) geohash on 2014-02-21.