2014-02-13 50 8

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Thu 13 Feb 2014 in 50,8:
50.0436374, 8.6720259

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In the forest of Neu-Isenburg, just next to the forest road.




The coordinates were reasonably close to my way home and next to a road in the forest, so I considered this one to be easily accessible after Yakomoz told me about it.


Since I know the street where the forest road ends, I drove there and went looking for a parking spot. Bummer. Neu Isenburgs businesses seem to thrive. Back on the main road there was a spot some 50m on. So I just had to walk some 400 meters- not a problem, but the weather was really unpleasant. It was constantly raining and, while not at all cold, damp and felt chilly due to the wetness. When nearing the coordinates, I met a solitary stroller in the rain after my first attempt into the forest. The second attempt to break through the wet underbrush was more successful. While for a split second I had "0m" for three or four times, I had some trouble getting a screenshot fast enough. Since I was climbing over and under thorns, fallen trees and branches, etc. the umbrella was useless and when I was back at the car, I was a bit scratched, wet from the upside and pretty soaked from the underside (meaning feet and ankles!).

Well. The things you do for a successful hash.



Well, Land. Possibly "Drowned rat", but not quite.