2014-02-09 60 22

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Sun 9 Feb 2014 in 60,22:
60.5051015, 22.2323513

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Very easy location in Raisio, just 40 meters from Rusko border



Hashpoint located very close to a street which I pass every time when we are going to my parents-in-law. So, navigating was an easy task. I just had to think where I could leave my car. Finally, I left it some 200 meters from the point. It was dark and raining. It is hard to believe that it is February in Finland! Most of the snow melted during the past two or three days with high temperatures and rain. Today it was 2 degC.

Hashpoint located next to a Christmas tree field. Fortunately the Christmas has already gone and no-one thought that I would be a Christmas tree thief! Weather was not very comfortable, so I just took two pictures and left.



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