2014-02-08 49 8

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Sat 8 Feb 2014 in 49,8:
49.3773098, 8.4367099

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In a field near Otterstadt



Will be less than 3 KM away from the hashpoint at 4 pm but sitting in a boat I can't make it there. Nevertheless, I 'll come along an hour later or two on my way back home. ( DODO)


When I left home today I paid attention not to forget my hashbag as I did yesterday. And so, little DODO, PAGO and I went to the rowing club in Mannheim-Rheinau for the first time together. As expected, I came pretty close to the hash from there (in the middle of the Otterstädter Altrhein in front of the Leberwurstinsel), but with al the rain I couldn't persuade my fellows to row just a little bit further and then run through some muddy fields and then having fun at a hashpoint. For my consolation someone brought some cake.

So I had to come along the hashpoint during my way back home. For this I had to cross the river rhine first, and I chosed the ferry at Altrip to do so. From there it was just a short drive through Altrip and Waldsee, a stop in the middle of nowhere and a 45 m walk; well 25 m along the path I stopped at, 15 m along a trench between two fields and 5 m into a ploughed field in the rain. Long enough to switch my shoes into something incommensurate for cars. Not much to tell there: a view to Otterstadt, one to the street and to my small car to which I hurried back and drove home after little DODO left his (very little) egg.

A "nearly tron", an invalid autobahn-exit, the dead-ended road at the rowing club and the way from the car to the hashpoint itself. But the people from the internet are severe.


little car: 47 KM (instead of 52)



DODO earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2014-02-03.
2014-02-03 49 8-3.jpg