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Sat 8 Feb 2014 in 47,8:
47.3773098, 8.4367099

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A field near Urdorf.




  1. At Zurich main station, cast vote.
  2. S9 train at 3.34pm from rail 4[12] to Urdorf Weihermatt.
  3. Arrive at 3.45, walk.


Slowly, the queue advanced. It could have been so much faster if some of Calamus's esteemed co-citizens kept their voting material ready. The voting booth was going to stay open until the next day, but Calamus wanted to get that thing done on his way to the hashpoint. Even though with such brilliant proposals as withdrawing healthcare support from abortions and annulling all painstakingly negotiated migration-enabling treaties with the EU, the outcome was quite clear anyway. Swiss politics had been way cooler before political parties had begun proposing laws using the ways intended for citizens a few years ago. It was terribly long until Calamus reached the booth, and just long enough to make him miss his train. Shrugging, he caught the next one.

Calamus didn't see a lot of Urdorf (literally "original village"), since the hashpoint lay in the part of Weihermatt, which had its own station. After missing the originally planned train and arriving at 4.05, Calamus hurried to at least reach the hashpoint in his self-set timeframe of an academic 15 minutes, reaching it at 4.14pm sharp with very muddy shoes, for it was in the middle of a field. Calamus thought he had done a pretty good job not trampling any crops, though. Most of the way back to the station, he spent removing mud from his sneakers with grass to not pollute the train. In fact he spent so much time on it that he narrowly missed the train back and had to wait.


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Calamus earned the xkcd Decurion achievement
by attending 13 Saturday meetups.

And while this was never accepted as an achievement, I really like it:

Calamus earned the Democracy Geohash Achievement
by going voting on the way to the (47, 8) geohash on 2014-02-08.