2014-02-06 50 8

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Thu 6 Feb 2014 in 50,8:
50.0709214, 8.6714825

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In the forest betweeen Frankfurt and Neu-Isenburg, just next to the road.




The coordinates were quite close to my way home and next to a road in the forest, so I considered this one to be easily accessible.


I followed the street leading to Neu-Isenburg, managed to turn a couple of meters into a forest path without being hit by the dense traffic and parked. The hash was a mere 30m away, but then I noticed that the area concealing the hash was fenced in, forest or not. Hmmm, this was gonna be a close one. I guessed it would be a couple of meters behind the fence... Keeping my eyes on the satnav, I hoped and walked towards the coordinates meter for meter, arriving at the fence with 2m to spare. Doing a little hashdance, it was 1m to the right and I thought I might reach the coordinates with my arm over the fence, but then it said 2m backwards, and ta-daa, there I was with my 0m shot. All in all, the expedition just took a 20min detour (mostly because of the traffic lights) and 10mins to change shoes and go hashing. ;)



Well, Land. Not worth all the editing trouble. :P