2014-02-06 45 -122

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Thu 6 Feb 2014 in 45,-122:
45.5434085, -122.8862004

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Adjacent to a housing complex near Tanasbourne, north Hillsboro



Well, the original plan was to wander by after my Beaverton evening event.

The spot appears nicely accessible, with a nature trail right there that looks like it would get me close enough.


Original Expedition[edit]

Well, Mother Nature had other plans, as well as for most other folks in the Pacific Northwest.

It was fairly clear in the morning, but the snow started falling during the day. I was at one of our work sites, and managed to catch a ride up to my office for the first part of the afternoon. We finished up what we could, and I headed home a little early, and found the trains pretty much stalled by frozen switches most of the way across Portland.

I eventually made it out to my car, and then slowly made it through the traffic and snow=covered roads to home. It took a couple hours longer than normal. Needless to say, having made it to home via the least trafficked/shortest/simplest route, I wasn't about to head to North Hillsboro to go to some random point that the Internet sent me to.

So, it will get saved for a future retro.

8 March 2014 Expedition[edit]

Well, I finally made it to this hashpoint. I had errands to do in Hillsboro and north, so I set out to do them, and then set a course for this hashpoint on my way back.

I made a pass at trying to get to the hashpoint from the west side, but only found dead-ending parking lots for the neighboring office park, so I ventured towards the housing complex, hoping to find something helpful. My guess from looking at Google Maps was that there was a nature trail, but I didn't see anything like that on Evergreen.

After much wandering hither and yon I finally found a parking area that was close, and started for the hashpoint by foot. I found myself staring at a bramble of blackberry behind the building, but I was close enough to the hashpoint to call it reached.

I took a couple of photos and headed for the next errand.