2014-01-28 45 -122

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Tue 28 Jan 2014 in 45,-122:
45.5094040, -122.7695531

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West driveway into St. Vincent hospital



Original plan was to go by in the late afternoon to my evening event.


However, a major problem at work moved me to a different site and kept me there for the entire day. I never made it to my evening event.

Finally, late in the evening, I caught a train to my car and tried going by the hashpoint. Luckily, the hashpoint really was in the hospital's driveway, not in the school next door, which might have been closed and inaccessible.

I pulled in and found the hashpoint, with a parking garage right near by. A sign said parking was for patients and visitors. I think I can be pretty patient, but in this case, I was just a visitor sent by the Internet. In any event, there were lots of empty spaces, and I was only walking 30 yards to the hashpoint.

I found the hashpoint and went to take some photos of my GPS when I found that my camera was buried in the car, charging. I gave up on taking photos and headed on a quest for dinner and some badly needed sleep.


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