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Sun 26 Jan 2014 in 50,8:
50.0104337, 8.5536921

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In the forest of (Mörfelden-)Walldorf, about a kilometer east of Startbahn West (starting runway 18 West)- will it be accessible?


Yakamoz and Rincewind


This spot wasn't that far away, but yesterday we had abandoned the idea since it was quite close to the airport and we didn't know whether it was accessible- today, we spontaneously decided to go and have a try.


We let the car navigation system guide us into the nearest street and kept a lookout for a good spot to park the car when nearing the coordinates. Our hopes fell a bit when we saw the forest was completely fenced in. I almost reckoned it would be airport grounds already, or a safety zone or something like that. Still, when we parked at a public barbecue spot, we found the gates open and strollers quite welcome. So we had a nice walk in the fair weather for some hundred meters (initial distance from the gate was 600m) and followed the forest ways to the hash, rather than fighting our way through the brush. We just had to go off the forest path for 10m or so at a spot without any underbrush or any other hindrance, so this one was fairly easy- the only real dirt was at the rather wet and muddy parking lot, actually. So we walked back to the car with a small detour and drove home with at least Rincewind's mind set on cake.



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