2014-01-26 47 -120

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Sun 26 Jan 2014 in Wenatchee:
47.0104337, -120.5536921

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Gravel parking area in front of a residence in Ellensburg, WA


The Plan[edit]

  • See if I can convince anyone to go on a road trip with me
  • Drive up to Ellensburg on a Sunday afternoon and find the hashpoint which is conveniently located alongside a road.
  • Stop at Iron Horse Brewery on the way back to fill up my growler

The Expedition[edit]

  • Couldn't find anyone to go up with me, Guest from before had a ready excuse for not accompanying me this time, all of my other acquaintances were either too busy or had been warned by Guest to not go on any expeditions with me.

I set out about 1350 local time, the only issue I faced getting out of town was almost forgetting my growler when I left. The road north was bare, but freezing fog had covered all the sagebrush in ice which, when added to the depressing cloud system that has been sitting on Yakima for the last few weeks, created a bleak tundra-ish wasteland.

I reached Ellensburg about 1430 and quickly made my way to where the hash was located. After parking, I checked my handy TomTom GPS system which as normal failed to give me an accurate description of where I was. I got out of the car, snapped a few pictures of the site, and then while I was getting back into my car the disgruntled owner of the property the hash was adjacent too came out to demand to know what I was doing. I succinctly explained GeoHashing and he calmed down some, introduced himself as Tim, and we chatted a bit before he wandered back inside.

That hurdle surmounted, I headed over to the Iron Horse Brew pub and filled my growler up with magical Mocha Death. Contented, I set out for home.



User:CBos earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, -120) geohash on 2014-01-26.