2014-01-22 45 -122

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Wed 22 Jan 2014 in 45,-122:
45.5097610, -122.4544739

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On a Gresham hillside adjacent to TriMet's Ruby Junction train yard



When I saw where this one was located, I started trying to figure out an excuse to head out to it. But it was also on private land, so it would be pretty much inaccessible.


I kept my eyes peeled all day at work for a reason to head out to the hashpoint, but was unsuccessful.

I guess it will become a future Retro-destination.

Some weeks later I was headed out to Ruby and took the longer route to get there and drove by the hshpoint. It wasn't accessible, as expected.

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  • This expedition is to a property adjacent to ElMonica, just as this one is adjacent to Ruby Junction.