2014-01-15 50 8

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Wed 15 Jan 2014 in 50,8:
50.1840902, 8.7179495

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A field in Bad Vilbel. Probably wet. Most certainly wet. Very wet in fact.



First meetup in 2014 and it's about time. Mampfred will ride in on the ICE from Erfurt and Rincewind will ride his trusty (motorized) Steed from Darmstadt. There's even a pub (well, restaurant) not far from the hash so we'll see what happens ...

Eta around 20:45 if anyone wants to join us.


Success. We met at Bad Vilbel train station and a short drive and a short walk later the hash was ours. We also went to the restaurant as planned which was probably visible from the hash (no confirmation due to darkness hashing).

Will post pics later as there seems to be a problem selecting images from the gallery with geohash droid on the Nexus 5.


Not this time.