2014-01-08 43 -116

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Wed 8 Jan 2014 in 43,-116:
43.4658913, -116.7816974

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Near the corner of Clark and Meninger roads, south of Marsing.



I noticed that today's point looked very reachable. So I invited a friend and we headed down to the spot.


I picked up Borneo at his home, and we headed down to the hashpoint. We were able to drive to within 50ft of the hash. I parked the car on the side of the road, and we got out and walked through the snow to the hashpoint. When I went to take pictures, I discovered that my camera's batteries had gotten too low to actually take photos, so we snapped some pics with our phone cameras instead. Unfortunately, neither of our phones is great at nighttime photography, so most of the pictures came out quite bad. The best ones are shown below. It was definitely below freezing out, but I didn't think to check the temperature at the actual hashpoint. While we were out and about, I noticed outdoor temperatures ranging from 22˚F to 30˚F, and I'd guess that the hashpoint temperature was somewhere in the upper half of that range. After reaching the hash, we drove back in to Nampa and grabbed Chinese food for dinner, then sat and talked for a few hours on a variety of topics before I dropped him off at his house and headed for home myself.



Eldin & Borneo earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, -116) geohash on 2014-01-08.
Eldin & Borneo earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (43, -116) geohash on 2014-01-08 while the temperature was below the freezing point of water.