2014-01-04 50 8

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Sat 4 Jan 2014 in 50,8:
50.1753189, 8.6164718

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The hash lies at the southwestern edge of the new quarter Riedberg of Frankfurt am Main. Nearly all of the area seems to become rebuilt, but here are some small trees, where the planning says, they shall stay.



I will be there at 4 pm for a xkcd-meetup. I have to hitchhike to Frankfurt, which means I have to make a detour over the service station of Göttingen. Maybe I can do some exploration for openstreetmap.


At first I tried to hitchhike from the Dresdener Straße in Kassel, but for one and a half hours no cars stopped. Then I changed to the place behind the Auestadion and there a car stopped after five minutes.

I arrived at the service station Taunusblick at 14:13. Then I walked from the service station to the hash. I arrived there at 15:27, but 90 meters away. But from several places around the hash I couldn't reach it, the mud was too deep.



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