2013-12-31 42 -88

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Tue 31 Dec 2013 in 42,-88:
42.0660378, -88.0768268

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In the snowy parking lot of Medieval Times in Schaumburg




Haberdasher alerted me to the interesting location earlier, but the planning was pretty much spur of the moment. I had nothing to do until around 7 and was curious... I left at 3:25 or so by ancient rear-wheel-drive Volvo wagon and thought I'd arrive around 4 or a little later. Snow was just starting to come down and it was in the lower teens F (something like -10C.)


The drive through N/NW Chicago suburbs was a little slow but still OK, enlivened by an exciting Illinois-Indiana college basketball game on the radio. As the Illini clung to a small lead late in overtime, I exited I-90 near the destination (around 4:30) but found Roselle Road extremely slick. Living in 47,-122 for 5+ years has softened me up unfortunately... I got impatient and the car skidded a few times, but eventually found better traction and I made it to the property of Medieval Times intact. Luckily they were open for business and I pulled into a parking space in the general area I vaguely remembered from the satellite picture. Waited for the game to end (Illinois won!) and then went outside to find the point.

When I finally got geohashdroid to acknowledge my location (I had to open up the maps app and press the re-center button) I found I'd parked only a few meters from the point! After a very quick hashdance I was on it. It occured to me that tons of people were parked here to go pay $$ to see some cheesy medieval jousting inside a closed arena and eat turkey legs, and I was just geohashing for some reason.

At that point I was quite hungry and in need of a restroom, so a food stop was in order and Chipotle was the first place I saw. By the time I finally started heading back conditions were extremely slick and treacherous (must have been too cold to salt and too much of a holiday evening to plow). I skidded into the curb a few times before proceeding to go about 15-20 mph (something like 30 km/h) the whole way home... I didn't get back until close to 7:30. The Haberdasher party was definitely smart to sit this one out. Had a fine New Year's Eve at least, at a friend's party a few L stops away.

Looking now at the nearby weather observations, it was 11F (around -12C) at both Wheeling and O'Hare airports that hour, so I think this is convincingly a Frozen Geohash. Should have taken a picture of the car's thermometer though...



OtherJack earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (42, -88) geohash on 2013-12-31 while the temperature was 11F (-12C).
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