2013-12-25 35 -117

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Wed 25 Dec 2013 in 35,-117:
35.0694823, -117.0841345

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About 20 km north of Barstow ... somewhere in BLM desert land. Ridgecrest graticule.



We were going to try this one if the timing worked out after hitting the meetup points in Bakersfield and Tehachapi.



Leaving the Techachapi meetup point at about 3:00pm, we knew we would race darkness to get to this third point in the same day. Going north on Irwin Road, we got to Copper City Road, a left turn onto a dirt road, about 20 minutes before sunset. We had 13 or 14 miles of dirt-road driving to do (which would not, by itself, have stopped us), followed by somewhere between a half mile and one mile of hiking in the dark winter desert.

We played it safe and turned around to wait for another accessible day in the Ridgecrest graticule, thwarted by Mother Nature's sunset darkness. (Accessibility is tough given how much of the graticule is covered by the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station and the U.S. Army's Fort Irwin.)