2013-12-15 47 -88

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Sun 15 Dec 2013 in 47,-88:
47.1093126, -88.6069707

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Just next to a road near the mall of Houghton.


* Shevek (talk)
* Jerry
* Nick


Friday: Shevek (talk) will go there by bike if nobody else goes; otherwise possibly by different means. He asked some friends who probably haven't heard of the idea to join.


Jerry offered to take Shevek (talk) to the hash, and when he picked me up his son Nick (who I had also invited) was also present. Snow season has started here, and there is about half a meter of it in places where it isn't cleared. The roads are cleared, but the lane where the hash was, wasn't a road; it was a driveway to some terrain that doesn't seem to be used in winter. So we could get within about 300 m of it, but had to walk the rest. We plowed through the snow, Jerry in front, while cursing about the stupidity of this game. But he seemed to enjoy it anyway, or at least he kept going until we were there.

We took some pictures and headed back. And now I'm looking at what achievements I can claim, I see there actually is a snowman achievement which wouldn't have been hard to get, but I didn't know it existed. Ah well, Jerry probably wouldn't have wanted to wait that long anyway.

Update: even though the graticule page suggests that there have been active geohashers in the area, it seems they have never actually had an expedition so far. Which means that this was also a virgin graticule. What a pleasant surprise.



Shevek earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, -88) geohash on 2013-12-15.
2013-12-15 47 -88 1.jpg
Shevek earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (47, -88) geohash on 2013-12-15 while the temperature was -10 °C.
2013-12-15 47 -88 1.jpg
Shevek earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Jerry and Nick to the (47, -88) geohash on 2013-12-15.
2013-12-15 47 -88 1.jpg
Shevek earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (47, -88) graticule, here, on 2013-12-15.
2013-12-15 47 -88 1.jpg
Shevek earned the Hashcard achievement
by sending a postcard of the hashpoint area to elwingelfje on the (47, -88) expedition on 2013-12-15.