2013-12-14 46 -122

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Sat 14 Dec 2013 in Mount St. Helens:
46.9651180, -122.6461650

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[edit] Location

In a field just south of the Lewis-McChord Air Force Base.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

I had some extra time to kill, the hash looked fun, and it was within drivable range. Spontaneity!

[edit] Expedition

Driving down to the area of the hash itself was interesting. With my recent work-sponsored phone upgrade, I didn't have any capability for US data yet. I took some time to familiarize myself with the roads in the area before I left, but then I was totally on my own. No data, no maps. Just memory!

Of course, I had to go through Lewis-McChord Air Force Base to get to the right area. Or at least, I went through on a main road that cuts through the southern portion of the base. I did see at least one of the big Chinook heavy-lift helicopters flying overhead, but it was gone in the trees before I could get a picture of it.

The roads towards the hashpoint seemed an awful lot like driveways over flat land, heading for the ridge where the trees and houses were perched. I followed one until I couldn't follow it any more. I could have gone further, but the road was dug up in a trench, with a line running through it. I guessed they were doing some maintenance and just parked the car there.

Walking forward a bit, I came to a fenced area with a gaggle of chickens staring at me. I took a photo, chuckling at them, before stumping onwards. A few seconds later, there was a commotion, and I turned to see the chickens coming after me in hot pursuit! Still on their side of the fence, but I thought it was really funny.

As I went, I noticed that Mt. Ranier was looking very beautiful out to the northwest, so I detoured slightly so as to take a good shot of that. Turning back to the hashpoint, I soon found my way blocked by a fence. There were more fences out in the field, and I guessed the hashpoint wasn't just in a field, but a cattle field.

Retreating back to my car, I belatedly noticed a sign leaning up against a tree, opposite from the chicken run. Um... oops! Sorry...

[edit] Tracklog

Rex's tracklog as PNG.

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