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Wed 11 Dec 2013 in 50,11:
50.8592477, 11.6613167

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In the dark woods near Laasdorf, Thuringia.



This point was too close to miss, of course, but still I couldn't find someone to come with me: Manu had to do her christmas correspondence just now and Jens was afraid that the 3872 orks he sent wandering last week might be waiting for him in the woods of Laasdorf - since I was one of his orks' victims it is quite likely that some little mischief might have happened to him, had he ventured out in the darkness with me ;)

So I went there alone after swimming, as if training wasn't hard enough already (the group parted today wishing each other a good night - at 7 pm!) - with my energy already pretty much used up in the beginning, I cycled rather slowly to Laasdorf, making my peace with night rides again: the only thing I really don't like is darkness and fog, and luckily today there is no... wait, why does the hash forest look so blurry?!

Well, the fog wasn't that bad, the obligatory muddy way wasn't that muddy, and it almost wasn't weird to stumble through a lonely forest and up a hill in complete darkness. Found the point without any problems (a headlamp might have been useful but it also worked without it) and took the same way home, with the fog closing in behind me...


The Ogre doesn't want to go any further.  
What the point (and also the way there) looked like.  
Hashpoint reached!  
Davey enjoying the view. Or something.