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Sun 8 Dec 2013 in 50,11:
50.8360001, 11.8410924

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In a small stretch of wood near Ottendorf, Thuringia.



Surprisingly, spring came back today, so I used the nice weather for a trip to the hash. I have been on the road to Eineborn only once before and it was kinda scary. Luckily, today was nice sunny weather and so the way seemed quite nice, too.

The last bit of forest road to the hash was muddy as usual, and I didn't find anything being even faintly reminiscent of a way that would take me south of the water (something like a creek and some ponds) that I had already spotted on the map. So I tried my luck on the one way that could be found, and it took me to a swampy field 97 meters near the point. Then there was the water, so I left my bike behind and jumped over the small creek to walk the remaining way through the dark forest.

No problem, so afterwards I even was in the right mood to take the longer way back via Hermsdorf and Zeitzgrund.


Okay, that's quite nice after all.  
Business as usual: the way to the hash.  
My Ogre prefers to wait at the gorge...  
...that was, luckily, narrow enough to jump over.  
On it goes through the dark forest...  
...straight to the point.  
Hash surroundings.  
Hans sitting at the point.