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Sat 30 Nov 2013 in 50,11:
50.8491884, 11.5767650

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On a former military area near Rothenstein.



The roadmap for today was ready for days: buying cookies at the cookie factory near Kahla. So I didn’t even look, where the point appeared. But Juja did. And what a surprise, it was only a detour of 1 or 2 km on my way to Kahla. So I had no argument to miss the point. But I should have known the argument from the last expedition. It had the same name: Mud.

Today with a minor modification. The price "Muddiest object of the day" was presented to the bike tires. The winners from last point – my shoes – had to be satisfied with the second place. But the competition was not really fair. The mud path leading 4.3 km trough the former military area offered a lot of opportunities for two tires to pick up mud. The shoes however were only allowed to have contact to the ground where grass inhibited the shoes from collecting that much mud.

After visiting the point and leaving the dirty area again I finally reached the real target of the expedition: The cookie factory. Thanks god there was no hygiene control a the entrance. Mud and food are not best friends and even the second placed shoes and the third placed trousers would have made me missing such a test.


more mud  
imagine some soldiers playing war  
coordinates reached  
Räbe in safe distance to the ground ...  
... having some food  
and the winner is ...  
our loot