2013-11-27 39 -74

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Wed 27 Nov 2013 in 39,-74:
39.0659423, -74.9097505

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Paramount Air Airport, Green Creek, Lower Township, Cape May County


Jevanyn (talk): I can't confirm it without finding the pictures we took, but I think we took the kids here this summer. A geohashing expedition today is not anticipated, although I might be able to return to the site on Monday 1 December.
After further review, we were at a different airport this summer. A visit to the site on Monday is still possible.



We were in Cape May for a couple of weeks this summer, I think it was July. We took the kids to a local small airport, because it was Something to Do with the Kids. (When you have kids, you'll understand.)


We saw a hospital helicopter, and an old-fashioned but functional biplane. We also saw a small plane picking up an advertising banner from the runway. We didn't go up in anything, but it was interesting nonetheless.