2013-11-24 47 -122

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Sun 24 Nov 2013 in Seattle:
47.6978916, -122.1242399

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Someone's front stoop in north Redmond.



Let's say 12:30? Earlier/later is ok for me too, but no later than 1:30... I'll be biking. -- OtherJack (talk) 16:12, 23 November 2013 (EST)

12:30 Solid! --Thomcat (talk) 22:27, 23 November 2013 (EST)
I didn't want to say anything earlier and jinx things (like the last two times), but I think I can make this one. I hope, I hope, I hope. I'll be driving a battered white 1986 Toyota Celica, I'm tallish with long white hair, and I hope I recognize you both from your photos. Well, I'd better start getting ready.... Basil (talk) 14:37, 24 November 2013 (EST)


Basil's Report[edit]

Yay, I made it! After twice saying "I'll be there" and then getting sick, I wasn't going to make any more promises in advance. But, despite having a bit of the sniffles, I figured I could make this one! So, at the last moment, I said I'd be there, and voila, I was. My first hash and first meetup, and it could hardly have gone more smoothly. Mind you, I thought at first I'd be early; then I was reminded what SR202 is like on a sunny weekend afternoon. It was hardly bumper-to-bumper, but, well.... Let's just say, some people expect pretty autumn leaves at the wrong time of year and in the wrong place, and some people want the traffic lights to produce another shade of green.

Anyway, I got to the spot no more than a couple of minutes late. I spotted a bicycle a few houses before, and a fellow with a yellow gizmo in his hands, staring across the street at the house Google maps said was the X-marks. (Across the street because, due to the direction we both, and Thomcat later, came from, we pulled up on the other side of the street.) I got out of my car and said, "Aren't you OtherJack?" He admitted to it, I told him "I'm Basil" and we shook hands. It turned out he hadn't checked this page since last night (tsk!) and so wasn't expecting me.

We chatted a bit, and soon enough Thomcat showed up. More hand shaking, and we decided to brave the wrath-or-otherwise of the home owners. So, cross the street, up the walkway, and OtherJack checked his gizmo. "Right here!" he says. So, we're standing on the stairs leading up to the house, and trying to decide who's going to do the talking. After a while, we realize no-one's home. "Let's call it good, and leave," I suggest, and Thomcat and OtherJack agree.

Back across the street, a bit of chit-chat, another round of handshakes, "Soon you again!" from all, and we split up. Oh, and OtherJack kept saying "That was too easy!" Hey, don't jinx me, kid.  ;-)

I head home, and I swear, all the rubber-neckers and lookie-loos were gone. Ain't that the way it goes!

And now to figure out how to upload pictures, add award ribbons, and all that good stuff
Basil (talk) 17:41, 24 November 2013 (EST)

Thomcat's Report[edit]

Third to the party, because despite claiming 12:30 was perfect, I was running a few minutes behind. Beautiful drive and a clear day in Seattle, if a bit chilly.

Geohashdroid was acting up (again?) and said I was 10 meters off the spot. Jack's GPS is far more reliable, and matched the google map with the spot on at the front of the building. Will try a full power-off/on reset and see if that helps... but I have my doubts. Going to be in the market for a GPS soon, methinks.

The spot was at the top of the steps, so we rang the doorbell anyways. Either nobody was home or nobody wanted to greet three men on the porch. I didn't print out a poster, so we left with only photos.

On the way out I stopped at Norman Rockwell elementary. Cool name, but no bust or other sign of the painter was evident - must be on the inside. Time to return home and update a few wiki pages!



Basil earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, -122) geohash on 2013-11-24.
OtherJack and Thomcat earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Basil at the (47, -122) geohash on 2013-11-24.
2013-11-24 47 -122 12-47-12-302.jpg
Basil earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting OtherJack and Thomcat at the (47, -122) geohash on 2013-11-24.
2013-11-24 47 -122 12-47-12-302.jpg
OtherJack earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling about 37km each way to the (47, -122) geohash on 2013-11-24.