2013-11-08 50 11

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Fri 8 Nov 2013 in 50,11:
50.9493264, 11.5011691

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Between Isserstedt and Großschwabhausen, on a swampy field.


  • Jens and Räbe (not leaving the bag)
  • Juja and Davey


None of us noticed that today’s point was only some minutes away from work. None of us except Reinhard. But he didn’t want to get dirty shoes and that’s why he decided to inform Juja, knowing that she will be unable to ignore a point that near. Juja on the other hand invited me to a coordinated hashpoint expedition. So the hashpoint team was formed.

I went home after work to get my bike and picked up Juja at the office again. We cycled the bike path beside the B7, that got a new asphalt layer today or yesterday. So the way was perfectly prepared for us. After Carl August we left the B7 and followed some dirt roads to the street from Isserstedt to Großschwabhausen. The point lay in a field 40 meters beside this street.

There was a lot of rain the during the last days. And there is a simple formula: water + dirt = mud. We were allowed to prove this formula today and yes, it’s correct. I will not mention, that I was prepared for this case by carrying 2 plastic bags with me. But when we arrived at the field, Juja immediately started rushing to the point and without thinking I followed her. Shame on me, but the good news is, I saved 2 plastic bags for other use.


Juja's GPS was hit on the head and barely still shows our success.  
Davey, hero in the mud  
(again, but more creepy/realistic?)  
more mud  
hashpoint souvenir