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Mon 21 Oct 2013 in 47,16:
47.7943517, 16.7824157

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Hash location: Right beside a small road, between lake Neusiedlersee and another small lake. Very easy to pick up.



This was one of our first expeditions, so really there was no plan. We just wanted to go there, try to find the spot and experiment with all the equipment (various gps receivers, cameras, phones, etc.). Also we wanted to check out, what the Geohash App for Android was capable of doing in order to get a feeling for what exactly we would be doing in the field and what would have to be done back home at the computer.


This was a dry-run, so no expectations there. Yet we managed to find the hash quickly. Just had some problems on the follow-through. Didn't know how to make a nice screenshot on my Garmin Edge device, so I took a bad photo with my cellphone, which felt very clumsy. And on top of it all, we forgot to take a foto of ourselves (stupid grin). But, we learned what works and what doesn't, what you need and what you don't need when you approach the hashpoint.